Crabs with Chili Jam

I’m currently in Florida with the SO, its been one week already, i’m still here for another 2, whoop!!!!!
Its been amazing so far, i even went to Chicago for a bit to attend a friends wedding, which was a blast by the way, im back im FL now. Cooking with the boyfriend has to be the best part of this trip,
we both love food ( cooking it i mean) err maybe eating also, but who is judging, he cooks, i cook, we cook.
Its actually refreshing cooking for someone i love, i can do this forever, i look forward to him eating and criticizing or praising, the fact that i know he’d say the truth about whatever i cook makes it better, i am trying to perfect this innate gift after all.
he lives in a small town which is perfect cos we get to spend tons of times with each other without the chaos of a big city and places like Orlando and Miami are just short drives away when im craving the hustle.
When i got to his place, he had gotten me this Thai cookbook, AMAZEBALLSSSSS, i love it, the recipes are easy to follow and just straight up divine.
I’m thinking id do a giveaway for the book soon, get another copy and give my readers soon.

Anyway last week i made my first dish from the cookbook, it was a seafood dish, well being in florida when i realized i could get fresh seafood i went bananas, he took me to a seafood market and we got LIVE crabsssss, i never cooked with fresh seafood before, best believe id be doing a lot of that while i’m here, i got to kill my first crabP6210069[1]