Flourless Chocolate Cake

I love chocolate, its a statement of fact, plus there’s this saying that chocolate comes from cocoa, cocoa is a from a tree, hence chocolate is a vegetable, or so i tell myself. Here are some fun healthy facts about chocolate apart from the well known fact that it tastes AMAZING!

1) Its a superfood, you know one of those ones that are supposed to be good for you and make your body thank you daily

2) Scientifically proven to make you happy, so yes it miraculously makes you happy when you are sad

3) Antioxidants in spades, lots and lots of anti oxidants even way more than berries, YES!

All of his is assuming that you eat chocolate as close to its natural form as possible, the higher the cocoa content the better for you, so for the recipe i went all out and used a 99% dark chocolate, yes 99%, to help with the taste of the cake, i only used 0.6 grams of this and used 0.4 grams of semi sweet chocolate to offset the bitterness.DSC_1100

I also added a tablespoon of chipotle pepper to this recipe, to leave behind a mild spicy hint when you swallow, this is very optional and cal be left out of course.

This recipe was adapted from my Cooks Illustrated cookbook http://www.cooksillustrated.com/, i made some changes but a lot of it was followed to the tee, they have the very best cookbooks and none of their recipes have failed me yet.

One of the major changes i made, was separating four of the eggs white from the yolk and whipping the whites separately to a stiff peak and then folding it into the batter at the end, i found that it gave a would-be-dense cake a very airy feel sort of like a chocolate mousse. I usually find flourless chocolate cakes to be extremely dense and dry, this was not even close to dry. Definitely the best chocolate cake i have had.


Please do not skip any step, and yes, baking in a water bath is very important, i didn’t have a my roasting pan available, my mum borrowed it since Christmas and i have not gotten that back, but i used a medium sized foil pan like this one that was bigger than my baking pan. I also did not have a spring foam pan, while it definitely would have made my life easier when it was time to get the cake out, greasing the pan properly with spray oil and dusting with cacao powder before putting the batter in definitely helped, also leaving the cake to completely cool in the fridge before trying to get it out of the pan works wonders.

The 99% chocolate i used was Scharffen Berger, best chocolate for baking hands down, i used the 9.7 oz bar and then added in a semi-sweet chocolate chips until i had a pound of chocolate.