Beef Lasagna

A whole lot of cheese; That’s what i think of when i see a slice of lasagna, it really is cheese, cheese and more cheese, if you are not really a cheese person you might be put off at first, well that is until you taste the deliciousness that lays within all the layers of cheese and delicious pasta.

My Lasagna was a thing of beauty, no seriously i was proud of it

The Layers were well defined, and the sauce was just delicious, slow cooking is the key, its kind of like Nigerian Stew, the longer you let it boil/fry the sweeter it is. My friends were a little skeptical because it was my first time cooking it and as usual i combined almost 4 different recipes to form mine.
But when they started going back for second helpings, i looked on with a smug look on my face.
Here is my sure fire recipe to a delicious Beef lasagna.