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Flourless Chocolate Cake

I love chocolate, its a statement of fact, plus there’s this saying that chocolate comes from cocoa, cocoa is a from a tree, hence chocolate is a vegetable, or so ...

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Oxtail Stew

Last week i was craving oxtail gravy, so i went to a Jamaican restaurant and bought some, cost a pretty penny, it was great but tasted like they doused it ...

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Braised Collard Greens

Like I mentioned a few weeks ago. I’m trying a low carb diet, I guess this isn’t trying anymore, seeing as its been 5 weeks, I’m obviously doing this, and ...

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Lamb Bites and asian-spiced sauteed vegetables

Let’s be very real, leafy vegetables can be annoying. Most of them are like chewing hay, they are not sweet or sour or spicy, in fact most of them are ...

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New me, new Drive?

I am really trying not to start this with excuses, partly because i feel really guilty and i have no good ones, this blog was supposed to help me drive my passion for food while i actively worked through my passion for tech without letting either slide. I however have been so busy with my […]

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Life in the Fast lane

Dear Diary, I have written this first line so many times and deleted it again, writing used to be so easy for me but lately i find that i either do not have anything to write or i have forgotten how to put my thoughts down on paper. I wont deny that i am busy, […]

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Morning Rituals

Alarm always goes off at 6:30, I haven’t gotten up at 6:30 in a few months. Usually I just shut it up and go back to sleep, let my body clock wake me up at the right time, which usually is at 7:30am. 7:30 Iike clock work I open my eyes, verify the time, and […]

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Active Alice

When January 2015 rolled out this year, my plan was to be extremely Active, 2014 had not been a good year fitness wise, I put on an extra 20 pounds, went out of control with my eating, even though I worked out on and off the whole year by the time December came around, I […]

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